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March 28, 2005 by DinCorp
It's been an awful long time since I've posted anything, so here goes nothing. I get wind of the employees talking about going union. Granted I've made a few hundred million over the past year, I don't see why I should share more with the non-management workers. So it looks like Din Corp will go international. Yeah that's right you little bitches, go union and see how fast I close up shop and move to China. I will live like a fucking emperor in my homeland. Have my personal fleet of rickshaw's, ...
August 20, 2004 by DinCorp
Din Corporation started as small company I was doing on the side. I worked retail pharmacy and realized several gaps in healthcare that needed to plugged. Many of you know one of my companies as Din Pharmaceutical, which is one of the companies that are under the Din Corp blanket. By the way I am Daniel W Din, Founder and Ceo of Din Corp. One of the things we do here is research and development and sell our patents to other drug companies. May be you heard of drugs like Viagra, Valtrex, Marinol...
August 20, 2004 by DinCorp
Hello and welcome to my blog. Here I will give random thoughts and things happing here at Din Corporation.